A Note from Bio-Gard Co-Founder – Martin Harvey

Here at Bio-Gard we’re fortunate, really fortunate – we continue to work, pretty much as normal; we don’t rely on bricks-and-mortar stores; as a ‘distance selling’ business our systems are designed to efficiently handle web, phone and postal orders.

More than that, our customers, both new and old, are buying, because Muck Munchers helps ensure healthier septic systems, reducing potential bacterial and viral disease infections.

Our head office in Norfolk and customer centre in Devon are both in fairly rural coastal areas. Areas where we have isolated spaces close by to exercise, and at home, gardens for our families to relax and enjoy the fresh spring air.

These locations mean that we mostly benefit from excellent GPs’ Surgeries and Hospitals, readily accessible when we need their support. We really appreciate all of these things – we are truly lucky indeed.

For Each and Every Order Received on this Website, We’re Donating £1 to the NHS Until 31st August – Even Longer if the Need Persists

That’s why – it has been an easy decision to make to put something back into our society.

That’s why – when you order from the Muck Munchers web site we’ll donate £1 to the NHS – to support both its patients and staff.

Thank You’ and ‘Thank You’ Muck Munchers for making this all possible.

Just Imagine – If Every Online Business Gifted 2.5% of Sales to Good Causes, Supporting People in Need, What a Better World it Would Be

Best Wishes,