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Dual Action Eco Floor Cleaner

The Natural Floor Cleaner

1 Litre Bottle = up to 24 Washes

Dual Action – Microbial Floor Cleaner. Keeps Floors Cleaner Longer

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Keeps Floors Cleaner Longer

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Dual action ECO FLOOR is an advanced eco floor cleaner for use on all hard floors. It forms part of our septic tank friendly cleaning range. Perfect for septic tank owners and all other homes or pet owners seeking a bio floor cleaner improve their environmental footprint.

ECO FLOOR cleaner is a truly unique bio floor cleaner using microbial technology. Unlike standard liquid floor cleaners, following application dual-action ECO FLOOR cleaner continues to clean your floor, digesting dirt and grime.

The Benefits of Dual Action Eco Floor Cleaner

  • Extended Performance - Microbes Continue Cleaning Between Mopping
  • Highly Effective Cleaner – Removes Stubborn Stains
  • Safe for Children's Play and Pets
  • Removes Deep Ingrained Microscopic Grime
  • Eliminates Surface Pet Odours
  • Removes 2 x more grease than standard liquid floor cleaners
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Most liquid floor cleaners lead to grime build-ups around skirting boards, on plinths, in grout and within microscopic pores on wood floors, tiles, stone, grout and laminates. The microbes in ECO FLOOR populate these areas digesting this residual build-up, to improve both the appearance of your floors and enhance their non-slip characteristics.

ECO FLOOR Cleaner Keeps Floors Cleaner Longer

“Thanks for the floor cleaner. I am so impressed with it. It cleans brilliantly and the results have been outstanding. It really does seem to leave the floor cleaner for longer too.”

Dr Caroline Hall

Standard Liquid Floor Cleaner Vs ECO FLOOR Cleaner

When you mop your floors using standard liquid floor cleaners you are actually pushing and spreading much of the dirt that you are trying to remove to other areas within the room, into grout, joints, skirting boards and plinths.

When you use ECO FLOOR cleaner the biological ingredients start working on the grime that you can and can’t see straight away, and because each application removes more embedded grime it is more hygienic than standard liquid floor cleaners.

Regularly cleaning your floors with ECO FLOOR provides an added benefit of residual cleaning.

What Does Residual Floor Cleaning Mean?

Residual floor cleaning means once applied Eco Floor cleaner remains active, removing contaminants as they appear making future cleans quicker and easier.

The Best Floor Cleaner for Pets and Smells

ECO FLOOR cleaner has been formulated using enzyme producing microbes not found in standard liquid floor cleaners.

The microbes and enzymes work to remove everyday household grime and are extremely effective in removing odours and discolourations without using harsh chemicals.

Using harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, bleach and ammonia, unbalance the good bacteria in your septic tank are and harmful to both humans and pets.

ECO FLOOR cleaner works in two distinct ways to digest residual waste on floors, left in tiny spaces on and between tiles, indents, grout and along skirting boards.

1. After cleaning ECO FLOOR cleaner microbes set to work releasing enzymes that assist in breaking down long-chain organic molecules, cutting them into smaller molecules.

2. The microbes can then easily digest these bite-size morsels to simply produce water and carbon dioxide.

How to Use

Dual Action Eco Floor Cleaner


Use Bio-Gen ECO FLOOR cleaner just as you would use a normal floor cleaner.
But that’s where the similarity ends.
1 – Add 50 – 75 ml of ECO FLOOR per 5 litres of warm (NOT hot) water.
2 – Wash with a mop or cloth, wiping away excess.


The residual cleaner left on the floor contains specially selected probiotic microbes that commence their work the moment you finish – digesting residual organic material and new waste too.

5 / 5
Based on 4 Product Reviews
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