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Kick-Start Bio-Booster

Kick-Start Bio-Booster

Septic tank enzymes to reactivate your septic tank

Best Septic Starter

Boost Your Tank’s Bacteria

4.7 / 5
Based on 6 Product Reviews

Post Pump-Out and Starter Treatment

Price £17.50

The Kick-Start Bio-Booster septic starter adds 300 billion enzyme-producing bacteria into your septic tank and soakaway.

By adding septic starter bacteria you’ll instantly improve your septic tank performance, to start breaking down sludge, which can quickly clog-up and create overflows, and quickly eliminate nasty odours too.

Benefits of Kick-Start Bio-Booster

  • Septic Starter Kit - Boosts Tank Bacteria
  • Perfect After Pump-Outs to Reactivate Your Tank
  • Immediate Improvements in Waste Digestion
  • Easy to Use Flushable Sachet – Just Flus and Forget
  • Less Tank Emptying - Saving You £100's in Pump-outs
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septic starter for septic tanks needing a bacterial boost to speed up the breakdown of organic solids, remove unpleasant odours or kick start your tank after a pump-out

A specially formulated septic starter bacterial culture to boost septic tank enzyme production and improve the digestion of organic waste, including fats, oils and greases, while counteracting the harmful effects of detergents, bleaches and other household contaminants that destroy the septic tank’s ecosystem.

Why Do You Need A Septic Starter?

All septic tanks contain bacteria, but all too often the bacterial population is too small and inactive.
The Kick-Start Bio-Booster septic starter kit energises and reinvigorates septic tanks, repopulating septic systems to create healthy aerobic bacterial activity and rapidly improve the break-down of sewage waste.

What Does a Septic Tank Starter Do?

A high performance septic tank starter, such as KICK-START BIO-BOOSTER, instantly adds some 300 billion essential bacteria to your septic tank system.
These septic tank bacteria set to work immediately to improve the digestion of organic waste, including fats, oils and greases (FOG), toilet paper, and sugars and starches too, while counteracting the harmful effects of household cleaning products such as hazardous cleaners and bleaches.

Septic Starters work to:

• Increase the bacterial population in your septic tank
• Reducing foul smelling odours
• Re-activate & energise septic tanks & drainfields
• Re-populate your septic tank system bacteria
• Create healthy aerobic bacterial activity
• Rapidly improving the break-down of sewage waste

If you experience major problems with blockages, excessive pump-outs or foul smells, we recommend that you use Triple Action Bog-Busters deep clean tank reactivator and degreaser, prior to starting a Muck Munchers XL 12 x monthly septic system treatment programme, which includes a complimentary pack of Bio-Booster.

How to Use

Kick-Start Bio-Booster

1. Simply drop the soluble Kick-Start Bio-Booster septic tank starter sachet down a toilet, leave it to dissolve and then simply flush down the pan.

2. It’s then best not to use the toilet for a few hours, to help ensure some microbes attach themselves to drain walls and help clean them up too.

3. Follow the Bio-Booster treatment with a Muck Munchers XL 12 month programme, dropping a soluble sachet down a toilet each month and flushing it away, once the sachet has dissolved.

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4.7 / 5
Based on 6 Product Reviews
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