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Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach

Eco-Friendly Bleach

Bleach For Septic Tanks

Eco Friendly Bleach 

4.7 / 5
Based on 71 Product Reviews

The Eco Bleach Alternative

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Oxy-Gen ECO BLEACH is the perfect alternative to bleach for safe use all around your home. It’s ideal for homes with septic tanks and for households who want to live eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eco Bleach is specially formulated to perform effectively as an alternative to bleach and then break down to safely provide vital oxygen to increase septic tank aerobic performance. The perfect partner for Bio-Gen Eco Toilet.

Benefits of Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach

  • Powerful Sanitiser - Kills 99.99% of Household Germs
  • Oxygen Based Bleach - Safe for Septic Tanks
  • A Cleaner, Brighter Bleach - Whitens Grout, Removes Limescale
  • Removes Unsightly Black Mould and Musty Smells
  • Eco-Friendly Bleach - Does Not Produce Toxic By-Products
  • An Ideal Laundry Whitener - Produces Whiter, Brighter Whites
  • Fragrance Free - No Unpleasant Chlorine Smell
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Oxy-Gen ECO BLEACH is an oxygen bleach developed for septic system users and homeowners looking to fulfil an eco-friendly way of life. Eco Bleach has been formulated as a septic tank-safe bleach alternative.

ECO BLEACH cleans and sanitises without chlorine and can be used for cleaning the whole house. It breaks down quickly in the environment and, used responsibly, causes no adverse health effects.

• Removes stains and dirt without exposing you, your family, pets and septic systems
• Ideal for use where household members suffer from respiratory problems
• Works effectively as a disinfectant & stain remover
• Increases bacterial activity in your septic tank via your wastewater discharges.

For superior sanitaryware sanitising, cleaning, stain and scale removal, we recommend the use of Zero Chlorine Bio-Gen ECO TOILET.

Why Should You Use an Alternative to Bleach with Your Septic Tank?

ECO-BLEACH adds residual oxygen to the tank, helping to sustain the septic tank’s aerobic performance. This differs from regular household bleaches and chemical drain cleaners which frequently contribute to a bad septic tank. This is because they kill the good bacteria in your septic tank.

In addition, as we become more environmentally aware, we learn much more about the detrimental impact chlorine bleach and similar products have on our environment – and in particular to our health, waterways and ethical issues.

Is Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach a Good Disinfectant?

Oxy-Gen ECO BLEACH is a hydrogen peroxide septic safe bleach that kills 99.99% of household germs. As a concentrated bleach, it works effectively as a disinfectant, quickly breaking down into oxygen and water as it sanitises.

Excess oxygen dissolved in wastewater entering the septic system then helps increase healthy bacterial activity to improve effective septic waste digestion.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide Septic Safe Bleach?

Hydrogen peroxide septic safe bleach is an environment-friendly bleach that is an alternative to bleach. Unlike regular bleaches, which contain potentially hazardous chlorine-based chemical compounds hydrogen peroxide bleach is non-toxic.

It is known chemically as H2O2. It is environmentally friendly and contains natural antiseptic and bleaching properties. As it sanitises the peroxide breaks down, splitting off one Oxygen atom, into Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O).

Just One Muck Munchers XL sachet is all Most Households Need

Muck Munchers septic tank sachets are perfect for household up to 6 people. For large households if you have significant amounts of washing-up, laundry, baths and showers, you may need to double the dosage.

Shared Septic Tanks

If you share a septic tank with a neighbour, we recommend that you use separate packs for each property, if the total count exceeds six people.

Keeping Inlet Drains Clean

There’s great merit in applying Muck Munchers in different toilets each month. When you flush the sachet dow the loo, a proportion of the microbes will attach to organic waste on the drain surfaces, increasing digestion and reducing the chances of blockages.

The best toilet to apply Muck Munchers initially is the one furthest away from the outlet drain to the septic tank.

How to Use

1. Sinks, Basins, Baths and Showers
Direct down waste outlet to keep germ and smell free. Leave 5 minutes and then rinse with a cup (250ml) of water for optimum benefit along drainage pipes.

2. Taps, Plugs and Overflows
Wipe with neat Oxy-Gen to deter Limescale.

3. Cleaning Worktops, Floors and Waste Bins
Dilute 40mm in 2 litres of water. Wet surfaces with solution and wipe off excess. Allow surfaces to dry.

4. Bleaching Whites
Add 25ml to 10 litres of water. Soak overnight, then rinse thoroughly.

4.7 / 5
Based on 71 Product Reviews
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