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Triple Action Bog Busters – Septic Tank Shock Treatment

Septic Tank Shock Treatment

Septic Tank Shock Treatment Products

The Septic Tank & Soakaway Solution

Triple Action Septic Tank Shock Treatment

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Septic Tank Shock Treatment

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Septic tank shock treatment is essential for a failed or failing septic system.

A failed or failing septic system is the primary reason for a lack of effective aerobic bacteria within the tank and soakaway. Using a septic tank shock treatment product will restore your septic system by massively increasing the good bacteria that are needed in your tank.

Signs of a failed/failing septic system:

  • Foul odours
  • Sludge build-up
  • Soggy areas around your tank
  • Blocked soakaways

Muck Munchers Triple Action Septic Tank Treatment is an easy-to-use, high-performance, septic shock treatment for septic tanks and systems that have become stagnant and inactive.

The triple-action septic tank shock treatment products give a massive boost to microbe populations to digest excessive sewage effluent, fats, oils and greases, eliminate unpleasant smells, reactivate the septic tank, and improve the performance of soakaways.

The Benefits of Triple Action Bog Busters Septic Tank Shock Treatment

  • Reactivates drainfields and soakaways
  • Regenerates failing septic systems - boosting aerobic bacteria
  • Clears slow-flowing soakaway drains
  • Increases microbial activity 7-10 times
  • Rapidly eliminates foul smells and odours
  • Reduces pre-existing sludge more quickly
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triple action BOG BUSTERS Septic Tank shock treatment for septic tanks – AN easy-to-use, high-performING, TRIPLE ACTION septic tank shock treatment for septic systems.

Triple Action Bog Busters have been carefully selected from the Muck Munchers septic tank treatment range.

Muck Munchers septic tank shock treatment combines our most powerful septic tank treatments:

  1. Muck Munchers XL
  2. Digesta
  3. Oxy-Tonic

When used in combination this collective group of products from our septic tank cleaning product range become a power range of septic tank shock treatment products.

They work together to activate, energise and invigorate stagnant and failing septic tanks and soakaways by:

  • Rapidly creating healthy aerobic bacterial populations.
  • Breaking down sewage waste.
  • Create an effective healthy septic system.

The specially selected bacteria in Bog Busters Septic Tank Shock Treatment ensure that waste digestion continues in the soakaway, where black slimy biomass has built up and significantly reduced drain field performance.

Where there have been low levels of bacterial activity in the septic tank, effluent will have built up, forming a thick crust with high proportions of fats, oils and greases which form on the surface of the inlet chamber which can be seen from checking the tank. The best approach is to:

• First break-up the crust with a garden rake or similar
• Dilute the Oxy-Tonic in a watering can or bucket of water and pour into the tank over the crust (best with a watering can)
• Leave for one to four hours and then dilute the Deep Clean Grease Digester in a watering can or bucket of water and pour in over the oxygenated biomass crust (again best with a watering can)
• Use the Bog Buster sachets as set out in the standard instructions.

Customers who experience problems with their secondary/final outlet tank chamber draining into a drain field outlet can expect more effective reactivation and improvement by treating as follows

  1. Add the Oxy-Tonic and Grease Digester to the final outlet tank chamber, diluting as described in the general instructions.
  2. Dissolve 2 of the Bog Buster sachets and pour into the tank.
  3. Take the remaining Bog Buster sachet and flush it down a toilet.

If you are using Muck Munchers XL as a follow-on monthly treatment, commence the treatment immediately by flushing the single Bio-Booster pack, received in the pack, down a toilet too.

When you start treating septic tank problems the secondary tank chamber should start to clear up, including ‘Black-slimy’ anaerobic bacteria and grease in the drainfield. If you also have very boggy soil around the tank, this should also be treated.

The septic tank problems that you are experiencing not only result in the outflow drains becoming far less effective, but also, the surrounding soil particles have been coated with contaminants blocking the ability for free drainage into the surrounding drainage area.

The recommended septic tank shock treatment programme is

1.Treat the Secondary Chamber as described in the section above

You will then need a pack of 1 litre Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator and Muck Munchers XL sachets.

2. Dilute 50 ml Oxy-Tonic in a 10 litre watering can and water over the boggy area

3. Dissolve a Muck Munchers soluble sachet in the 10 litre watering can and water over the same area.

Repeat the above process again in the next day or two, and then with a single treatment weekly for the next 3 weeks.

How to Use

1. Pour the bottle of Muck Munchers Oxy-Tonic down a toilet or sink, followed by approx. 10 litres of water. This will start to aerate your septic system.

2. Meanwhile, dissolve the 3 Bog Buster Sachets in 5 -10 litres of barely lukewarm water, leave for 4+ hours, then pour the contents down a toilet and flush.

3. Finally, by applying the Deep-Clean Grease Digester, diluted in 5 litres of barely lukewarm water, to shower, basin, sink or bath wastes the treatment will help digest fatty waste in the in-flow drainage pipes on route to populate the septic tank.

NOTE – For regular cleaning of waste traps and drains throughout the house, to keep the blockage-free and clear of black-slime build-ups, take a look at Muck Munchers Digesta.

4.5 / 5
Based on 13 Product Reviews
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