Keeps Waste Traps and Drains Blockage-Free

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“It works very well – keeps baths, showers, hand basins, sinks flowing without the use of bleach and/or other drain cleaners. Essential for owners of a biodigester unit.”

Pat Blanpain-Forder

Digesta Drain Cleaner

Septic Tank Friendly Drain Cleaner

500ml = 50 treatments

Septic Tank Friendly

Septic Friendly Drain Cleaner

Price £12.95

Digesta septic tank friendly drain cleaner is the ultimate biological drain cleaner. This biological enzyme cleaner for drains digests fats, oils and grease (FOG) from cooking and organic bathroom waste, body fats, lotions and soap.

Digesta biological drain cleaner is 100% septic tank friendly drain cleaner. Used regularly it will prevent horrible smells, blockages and unpleasant overflows!

The Benefits of Digesta Septic Tank Friendly Drain Cleaner

  • Digests Grease to keep Kitchen and Bathroom Wastes Clean and Free of Black Slime Build-up
  • Microbes Populate Drain Walls to Digest Organic Waste to Keep Them Free-Flowing
  • Non-Chemical Treatment that Benefits both Mains Drains and Septic Tank Users
  • Eliminates Build-ups of Hair and Fat Balls that Create Blockages
  • Environment and Septic Tank Friendly
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Digesta has been formulated using carefully selected microbial species that quickly and effectively digest fats, oils and greases.

Benefits to Keeping Your Drains and Waste Traps Clean

Fats, oils and grease can play havoc with the performance of your septic tank and are the biggest contributor to an unhealthy septic system, resulting in blockages and black slime build-ups. Digesta biological drain cleaner keeps kitchen, utility and bathroom waste traps free-flowing and blockage-free. When you regularly treat your drains with a biological drain cleaner you’ll benefit from:

1. Fewer and Less Frequent Pump-outs

Septic tanks have 3 layers of effluent. At the bottom you have what is known as “sludge” – solid waste from your home that has yet to break down. In the middle you have liquid which consists of wastewater and dissolved / partially dissolved solids. The top layer is commonly known as “scum” and this includes fats, oils and greases (FOG).

If the FOG is left to build-up, your septic tank system is put under increased strain. Without a regular biological digester treatment the FOG can build-up, resulting in the need for more regular pump-outs, which are only a short-term solution, as over time the FOG, together with sludge, will build-up again and again.

2. No Nasty Odours and Blocked Soakaways

Poorly maintained septic tanks give off foul smells from sulphurous gases and also blockages, leading to soakaway problems. Natural enzyme producing bacteria break down the long-chain FOG molecules to reduce the hardening of solids in drainage pipes and septic tanks.

3. Free-Flowing, Blockage-Free Drains and Pipes

When FOG is deposited in drains and waste traps it is in a suspension in the wastewater. However, when they settle and cool, they return to a solid or less fluid state, clogging drains, making it harder for water to flow from your home to your septic tank. Over time the FOG can cause backups.

Enzyme drain cleaners, on their own are only a partial solution. The difference with Digesta is that the microbes produce enzymes and then, in addition, digest the resulting fatty acids.

4. No Black Slime Build-Ups

Slime normally occurs as build-up of fats, oils and grease and other organic material. It clings to pipes and waste traps catching more debris. Over time, FOG and particularly hair build-ups, body and other fats can create ‘fat balls’ that block your waste traps and drains, causing slow drainage from baths, sinks and basins. These slime build-ups are not necessarily harmful, but unpleasant to touch or look at and they do smell.

Unlike harsh drain cleaning chemicals that kill the good bacteria in your septic tank, Digesta biological drain cleaner has been formulated to work to actively promote the bacteria needed to maintain clean, free-flowing waste traps, drains and in turn assure a healthy septic tank.

Digesta is a biological drain cleaner which uses microbial waste digestion technology that is 100% safe to the environment and perfect for septic tank owners. In addition, used in homes with mains sewer connections, Digesta is not only the first choice for ensuring cleaner, free-flowing drains, it also helps eliminate fat build-ups within public sewer systems too.

Digesta works in two distinct ways on fats, oils and grease (FOG) waste entering waste traps, drainage pipes and grease traps too. Digesta’s microbes release enzymes that assist in breaking down long-chain FOG molecules into smaller molecules, called fatty acids. The microbes then easily digest the smaller molecules to simply produce water and carbon dioxide.

The simple answer is No! Digest biological drain cleaner digests the FOG that surrounds hair strands and ‘fluff’. This enables hair strands and ‘fluff’ to flow more freely through the drainage pipes and into your septic tank.

The big difference is that with standard ‘Enzyme only’ products, they only divide larger molecules in FOG. As they do not digest the waste, all they do is help to ‘displace’ and ‘dump’ it elsewhere (within your pipes and drains), which potentially may create similar problems, down the line.

How to Use

Digesta Drain Cleaner

1. Dilute 10ml (approx 2 teaspoons or small squirt) in about 200mls (approx 1 small cup) of barely lukewarm water.

NOTE – Hot water will destroy the microbes in Digesta – if hot water recently drained, flush 1-2 litres of cold water, prior to treatment.

2. Pour diluted mix in to the sink / basin / bath / shower drain hole at night or when it will not be used for 8+ hours.

3. Repeat at 1 – 2 week intervals for free-flowing wastes and drains.

Slow-Running / Blocked Drains and Waste Traps

Repeat treatment daily until clear. Blocked drains may need clearing with a ‘plunger’ to allow water to flow.

Digesta has been formulated using carefully selected microbial species that quickly and effectively digest fats, oils and greases.

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Our sceptic tank emptier is going to use Muck Munchers because he was so impressed – only 6-8” of sludge after 9 years for an 8 man tank.

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