The ECO FRIENDLY Toilet Cleaner

Price £15.95

Price £15.95

Biological Drain Cleaner

Price £13.75

Price £13.75

Keeps Floors Cleaner Longer

Was£8.95 Price£7.90

Price Was£8.95 Price£7.90

Post Pump-Out and Starter Treatment

Price £17.50

Price £17.50

Scalable Larger System Treatment Programme

Price £98.50

Price £98.50

The Eco Bleach Alternative

Price £14.95

Price £14.95

Accelerates Septic Waste Digestion

Price £19.95

Price £19.95

Septic Tank Shock Treatment

Was£89.50 Price£79.50

Price Was£89.50 Price£79.50

What’s your septic tank like?

What’s a bad septic tank
Do you have a bad septic tank?

Inactive, Slow-Working
Nightmare Septic Tanks

What’s a bad septic tank
What’s a good septic tank
Do you have a good septic tank?

Healthy, Active, Odour Free
Septic Tank

What’s a good septic tank

Why Use Muck Munchers Septic Tank Cleaning Products?

Standard cleaning products don’t and can’t support a healthy septic tank system to maintain and increase the good bugs needed by septic tanks.

It’s important to choose your septic tank cleaning products wisely. Over time, standard cleaning products such as anti-bacterial detergents, chlorine bleaches and other contaminants can reduce and play havoc with natural enzyme-producing bacteria and microorganisms needed for a good septic tank. This may also create problems with your soakaway, water-logged grounds, foul-smelling odours and an increased requirement for costly pump-outs.

Muck Munchers septic tank cleaning products have been specially produced using carefully selected bacteria. They produce natural enzymes for septic tanks that target waste whilst at the same time, being kind to our environment.

Our household cleaning products range is environmentally friendly and suitable for both homes septic tanks and on mains sewage.

What are the Benefits Of Using Septic Tank Cleaning Products?

There are many benefits to using septic tank cleaning treatments including:

  • Clear free-flowing drains & pipes

Over time human hair, cooking fats, oils, ground coffee, bleaches, and chemical detergents build up in your drains and pipes. Regular use of septic tank cleaning products break down these facts and effectively keep your drains & pipes free-flowing.

  • Reduced pump-out costs

Septic tanks rely on aerobic bacterial activity to break down and digest sewage and organic sludge and slime, using septic tank cleaning treatments boost aerobic bacterial activity resulting in a healthy septic tank and a significant reduction in the number of septic tank pump-outs.

  • No foul-smelling septic odours

Foul-smelling odours occur when your tank becomes inactive and the healthy aerobic bacteria dies (becomes anaerobic). This causes a build-up of excessive sludge causing unpleasant odours. Septic tank cleaning products work to promote healthy bugs and bacteria in your septic tank.

  • Reduced problems with blocked soakaway

Blocked soakaways are costly to rectify and can be damaged through everyday products that are flushed down your toilets, sinks and baths. A build-up will reduce the flow of wastewater from your home reducing the ability for your soakaway to drain freely. Septic tank safe cleaning treatments work to keep kitchen and bathroom waste clean and free from the slime that builds over time.

  • Increase Natural Enzymes for Septic Tanks

Good bacteria and enzymes live in your septic tank, however as mentioned above, cleaning chemicals not compatible with your septic tank along with fats will weaken the aerobic bacterial activity. The Muck Muncher range of septic tank cleaning products work in conjunction to promote, increase and balance the natural enzymes in your septic tank.

Our Service Guarantee to You

At Bio-Gard we stand by the quality of each of our Muck-Munchers products and our service too. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase of Muck Munchers XL, even after 6 months, you can return the remaining product to us for A FULL REFUND.

For Muck Munchers single application products for more severe problems, we are certain that you will have every success. Should the product fail to meet your performance expectations, then please contact us at, so that we can discuss and recommend a suitable alternative course of action to resolve your septic tank problems. Naturally, you can return any product in its original condition to us within 28 days for an immediate exchange, refund or credit.

Our Guarantee to the Environment

It is a principal ethic at Bio-Gard that any product we sell will have no detrimental environmental impact.

The Government and Environment Agency have concerns about waste water from effluent treatment plants, septic tanks and cesspits, and, pollution of water courses.

Muck Munchers natural, non-chemical, non-toxic, non-pathogenic formulations ensure a very positive effect on reducing any pollutants, ensuring the resulting water released in to the surrounding soil is cleaner and purer.