Reduces organic waste By up to 97%
Free kick-start booster kit Worth £17.50

Septic Tank Pump-Out Driver’s Comment

“Our septic tank emptier is going to use Muck Munchers because he was so impressed – only 6-8” of sludge after 9 years for an 8-man tank”.

Philp Blatchford

Muck Munchers XL + FREE Bio-Booster

Biological Septic Tank Treatment + Kick-Start Bio-Booster

SAVE £100’s on septic tank pump-outs

12 x TREATMENTS – Just £3 a Month

Top-Selling Septic Tank Bacteria Treatment

Price £34.95

A bacteria septic tank treatment for domestic septic tank owners who want to maintain healthy, efficient, and odour-free septic systems, clog-free drains and soakaways whilst doing their bit for the environment. 

Muck Munchers XL is a flushable 12 x monthly probiotic septic tank treatment programme that reduces organic waste by up to 97%, saving you £100’s on unnecessary septic tank pump-outs.

Benefits of Muck Munchers Septic Tank Biological Treatment

  • 12 Monthly Septic Tank Treatment - Less than £3 per Month
  • Digests Organic Waste - Reducing Expensive Pump-Outs, Saving £100's
  • Maintains Entire Septic Systems - Ensuring Clog-Free Drains & Soakaways
  • Eliminates Grease Build-Ups – In Your Tank & Drains
  • Suitable for All Tank Types - Including Bio Treatment Units
  • No Unpleasant Smells & Unsightly Over-Flows – Fewer Health Hazards
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Muck Munchers Xl 12-Month SEPTIC TANK BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT Reduces Organic Waste by up to 97%

To guarantee success each 12-month Muck Munchers XL programme comes with a Free Kick-Start Bio-Booster starter Pack.

Together they’ll maintain your system in tip-top condition, digesting organic material, including fats and grease, counteracting detergent, bleach and other chemical contaminants.


By design, your septic tank naturally breaks down wastewater, cleaning chemicals and other pollutants. Find out how your septic system works.

When this natural digestion process is disrupted the natural enzyme-producing bacteria in your tank are weakened and occasionally destroyed resulting in a build-up of fats, oils, greases, excessive sludge, foul smells and blockages.

The monthly addition of Muck Munchers® septic tank treatment will maintain the ecosystem in your septic tank to promote the growth of the natural microorganisms (good bacteria) resulting in a reduction and the slowing down of build-ups, resulting in fewer pump-outs, odourless septic tanks and a reduced chance of soakaway problems.

Just One Muck Munchers Septic Tank Treatment Programme is all Most Households Need

Muck Munchers are perfect for household up to 6 people. For large households if you have significant amounts of washing-up, laundry, baths and showers, you may need to double the dosage.

Shared Septic Tank Treatment

If you share a septic tank with a neighbour, we recommend that you use separate packs for each property, if the total count exceeds six people.

Keeping Septic Tank Drains Blockage Free

There’s great merit in applying Muck Munchers XL Septic Tank Treatment to a different toilet each month.

When you flush the septic treatment sachet down the toilet, a proportion of the microbes will attach to organic waste on the drain surfaces, increasing digestion and reducing the chances of blockages.

The best toilet to apply Muck Munchers initially is the one furthest away from the outlet drain to the septic tank.

A weekly application of Digesta® Drain Cleaner maintains free-flowing kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, showers and baths avoiding unnecessary blockages and black slime build-up.

Triple Action Bog Busters Tank and Soakaway Reactivator

If you have not had your septic tank emptied for some considerable time or you are experiencing slow drainage from the tank to the drainfield, it is advisable to first treat your septic tank with Triple Action Bog Busters.

This is an intensive septic tank treatment to reinvigorate stagnant septic tanks and very slow draining soakaways, using a powerful microbial treatment, together with an industrial bacterial grease digester and an oxygenator, which increases microbial activity 7 – 10 fold.  See more at Triple Action Bog Busters.

If you are also experiencing wet, boggy soil areas around your tank, do take a look at the next section, ‘Treating Boggy Soakaway Conditions’.

Treating Boggy Soil Soakaway Conditions

Soakaways can often become boggy in extremely wet winter conditions or where there is a very high water-table (the depth at which underground soil is saturated with water). This will undoubtedly have been a long-term problem that can only be overcome by improving drainage in the area.

Most frequently, the problem is that not only have the outflow drains become far less effective, but also, the surrounding soil particles will have become coated with contaminants blocking the ability for free-drainage to the surrounding area.

The Recommended Septic System Treatment is –

You will need to purchase Oxy-Tonic to use with some of your Muck Munchers XL septic tank bacteria treatment sachets.

1. Treat Your Secondary Tank

Dilute 200 – 250mls of Oxy-Tonic in 10 litres of water and pour into the secondary tank.

Next, dissolve 2 sachets of Muck Munchers XL septic tank treatment in 5 – 10 litres of water and again pour into the secondary tank.

NOTE – if you are planning on using Triple Action Bog Busters you can omit this treatment and go straight to treating the soil area as described below.

2. Treating the Soil Area

Dilute 100 ml Oxy-Tonic in a 10 litre watering can and water over the boggy area.

Next, dissolve a Muck Munchers XL soluble sachet in the 10 litre watering can and water over the same area.

Repeat the soil treatment process again in the next day or two, and then with a single treatment weekly for the next 3 weeks.

How to Use

Muck Munchers XL + FREE Bio-Booster

SEPTIC TANK TREATMENT: Just Flush & Forget! 

1. Simply flush the soluble Kick-Start Bio-Booster down a toilet. It’s then best not to use the toilet for a few hours, to help ensure some microbes also populate drain walls to clean them up too.

2. Then each month flush down a Muck Munchers soluble septic tank bacteria treatment sachet to maintain a healthy microbe population. If you purchase from our website we automatically send you a reminder on the 1st of each month.

TIP – If you have a slow-draining sink, dissolve a Muck Munchers XL sachet in luke-warm water last thing at night. Then let it flow into the trap and drain. Leave any residue until morning before flushing it away. It will digest fats, oils and greases coating waste pipes.

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4.9 / 5 rating from
1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
Sorted My Shower Waste and My Saniflo

Every time we flushed the Saniflo, waste came up in the shower in my daughter’s bathroom. Following your advice, I put a Muck Munchers sachet in the Saniflo and left it overnight, and used Digesta in the shower and wash basin each day. In a few days all was flowing freely. The plumber had quoted £600 + VAT for a new Saniflo, so it was £43 well spent with you.

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
Saved a Lot of Money on Pump-Outs

I have been using Muck Munchers for nearly three or four years now and have not had to have my septic tank pumped out in all that time. This has been a great money saver as previous to using Muck Munchers the tank had to be pumped out annually. I must have saved more than £300 by using Muck Munchers in my septic tank. Thank you, Muck Munchers!

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
A Healthy and Odour-Free Septic Tank

I used to have a single stinky drain and despite every effort to check and understand why every so often an unpleasant smell would waft around in the breeze. Then I heard about the Munchers family and what good work they do so I gave them an opportunity to prove themselves and boy, did they ever! In a matter of two weeks, the smell disappeared and has never returned since. On a calm and quiet day, if you put your ear to the tank cover you can hear the sounds of a party. They truly are happy in their work and continue to be so to this day.

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
In Praise of Eco-Toilet Loo Cleaner

Apart from the lovely fragrance, this loo cleaner keeps everything clean, clear and fresh. 

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
Far Less Sludge and Tank Smells Better

I wanted to let you know that we had our annual service and inspection of our Klargester bio filter this morning. The engineer said he’s never seen it in such good condition and significantly less sludge than in previous years – he even said it smelt much better than most units. I wasn’t tempted to verify this!! 

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator – the Answer to Septic Tank Smells

I have had issues with my tank for many months. I use other products from Muck Munchers but this was the first time I had purchased this. I did not completely follow the instructions as I tipped the whole bottle into the main tank and wow what a difference no more odours and no issues with the system sensors failing due to muck getting on them. I will certainly purchase again.

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
Eco-Floor Dual Action Keeps Floors Cleaner for Longer

So glad I tried this. It works so well. The cleanest we have ever achieved on our kitchen floor. Also, I recommend it for washing shower cubicle; both tiles and glass come out sparkling.

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews
Eco-friendly Toilet Cleaner – Harsh on Stains

Having moved into a house with a badly stained toilet, I tried several cleaners that didn’t work. Having to be careful because we have a septic tank I tried Eco Toilet and it did a fantastic job. Have been using it for over a year and will continue. Great product.

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