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Bio-Gen Eco Toilet Cleaner

Eco Toilet Cleaner

2-in-1 Eco Toilet Cleaner



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The ECO FRIENDLY Toilet Cleaner

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ECO TOILET cleaner is an all-in-one eco bathroom cleaner perfect for both septic tank owners and all homeowners who care about their home and their environment.

ECO TOILET’s is dual action properties, kill 99.9% of all germs while safely nourishing and supporting the bacteria needed for healthy septic systems.


  • Destroys Harmful Bacteria & Viruses – For a Safe Healthy Home
  • Highly Effective Eco Bathroom Cleaner – Removes Stubborn Bathroom Stains
  • Powerful Scale Eliminator – For Cleaner, Brighter Porcelain and toilet bowls
  • Non-Chlorine Eco-friendly Toilet Cleaner Formulation – Creates No Noxious Gases and Toxic Byproducts
  • Bio Toilet Cleaner– Perfect for Septic Tanks and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles
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ECO TOILET’s powerful active ingredient provides a dual action anti-bacterial and anti-viral mechanism, working in conjunction with special surfactants, which quickly biodegrade for a safer eco-positive environment.

Following application, biocidal action quickly ceases after sanitising the toilet. ECO TOILET then becomes completely safe for all septic tanks, bio-sewage systems and package treatment plants, providing a food source for microbes.

Use ECO TOILET in conjunction with Oxy-Gen ECO BLEACH, for

  • General sanitisation of bathroom surfaces and walls
  • For whitening bathroom grout
  • Removing black mould around taps and bathroom tiles.

Eco Bleach can also be used as a laundry additive. Muck Munchers offers non-bleach and toilet cleaning products for septic tanks as healthier alternatives to using chlorine products in the home.

Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner Safe for Septic Tanks

The choice of eco cleaning products on the market which are ‘septic tank friendly’ continues to remain limited and more expensive.

To overcome this problem Muck Munchers has developed a range of septic and environmentally friendly cleaning products including super-concentrated ECO TOILET.

Why is ECO TOILET Cleaner Different?

The difference between ECO TOILET and other toilet cleaners is that it has been formulated with multi-function cleaning properties.

This means that it can also be used as an eco-friendly bathroom cleaner across the whole bathroom and not just for cleaning your toilet. In addition, once ECO TOILET has cleaned right around that toilet bend, its chemistry changes, making it both safe and nutritious for the healthy microbes in your septic systems.

How Do Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaners Work?

Standard toilet cleaners contain chemicals harmful to the natural digestion process in your septic tank. They disrupt and destroy the waste digesting natural enzyme-producing bacteria resulting in a sluggish and at worse failing septic system, contributing to a bad septic tank.

With a bad septic tank, you are prone to spend money on expensive pump-outs. Pump-outs that can be reduced significantly if your septic tank is well maintained. ECO TOILET is a cleaning product safe for septic tanks and hence will not disrupt a good septic tank and unnecessary pump-outs.

What is a Septic Safe Cleaner and How Does it Work?

ECO TOILET is a bio-toilet cleaner that has been produced from 100% non-chlorine products. It is completely safe for septic tanks and all types of bio-sewage treatment systems and will kill 99.9% of all germs, viruses and bacteria, which it has contact. It is safe for your family and pets too.

Furthermore, ECO TOILET has a powerful active ingredient that provides a dual action anti-bacterial and anti-viral mechanism that works in conjunction with special surfactants. The secondary action is to quickly degrade prior to entering the septic tank, providing a food source for septic tank microbes and a safer eco-positive environment.

ECO TOILET can be used in conjunction with Oxy-Gen ECO BLEACH for general sanitisation of your work surfaces, walls, whitening grout and removing black mould, as well as a laundry additive. Together Bio-Gard offers a complete environmentally friendly alternative solution to using chlorine products in the home.


Bio-Gen ECO TOILET is approved as a non-hazardous alternative to chlorine-based products and may be used safely in marine environments using metal and other drainage pipes and tanks that may be subject to corrosion and where hazardous chemical health and safety procedures apply.


Bio-Gen ECO TOILET contains a widely approved antimicrobial agent to offer additional biosecurity around the home. The active antimicrobial ingredient is supported under the EU Biocidal Product Regulations, registered by the US EPA and approved for sustainability for the Design for the Environment (DfE).

The active ingredient has a dual-action antibacterial mechanism and passes EN1276. It is also active against common viruses and passes EN14476. The formulation is readily biodegradable.

How to Use

How to Clean Your Toilet with Eco Toilet Cleaner

  1. Flush the toilet to clear the bowl before applying eco toilet.
  2. To apply eco toilet, direct the nozzle and squeeze a small amount under the toilet rim and around top of toilet bowl’s surface.
  3. Allow a short contact time (1-2 minutes). Using a toilet brush, scrub the toilet bowl, focusing on areas with tougher stains and mineral deposits.
  4. Ensure to clean under the rim of the toilet, an area prone to harbouring bacteria and mould.
  5. After cleaning, flush your toilet again.
    After you have cleaned your toilet, add an additional small amount of ECO TOILET which will continue to descale your toilet and freshens the air.

How to Clean Baths, Showers and Basins

  1. Wet your bathroom surfaces; bath, showers or basin
    Wearing gloves (Eco-Toilet may cause skin irritation in some users), squeeze a small amount around the surface.
  2. Using a damp (non-scratch) cloth or sponge wipe Eco Toilet over the surface and taps and clean.  A small brush or old toothbrush may assist with hard to reach areas, such as bhind taps and handles.
  3. Rinse the bath, shower or basin with warm water to rinse away residue eco toilet and grime
4.9 / 5
Based on 204 Product Reviews
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