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Septic Shock Treatment

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“A big thank you to you for getting us going again. We were thinking that we were going to have to dig a new drainfield, with all the expense and inconvenience that that would entail. Your Bog Busters and Oxy-Tonic certainly seem to have done the trick, and the soakaway is now operating properly.”

David Bartholomew

Bog Busters – Septic Tank Shock Treatment

Intensive treatment for problem septic tanks

The Septic tank & soakaway solution

Triple Action Septic Tank Shock Treatment

Septic Tank Shock Treatment

Price £69.50

Septic tank problems occur when septic systems fail. Signs of a failed septic system can include foul odours, a build-up of sludge, soggy areas around the tank with wet grass and blocked soakaways.

A failed or failing septic system is the primary reason for a lack of effective aerobic bacteria within the tank and soakaway. Using septic tank shock treatment products will restore your septic system by increasing the good bacteria.

The Benefits of Bog Busters

  • Reactivates drainfields and soakaways
  • Regenerates failing septic systems - boosting aerobic bacteria
  • Clears slow-flowing soakaway drains
  • Increases microbial activity 7-10 times
  • Rapidly removes foul smells and odours
  • Reduces pre-existing sludge more quickly
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Septic Tank shock treatment for septic tanks – The ultimate, easy-to-use, high performance, septic tank shock treatment for septic systems.

An intensive high performance microbe treatment that activates, energises and invigorates stagnant and failing septic tanks and soakaways, rapidly creating healthy aerobic bacterial populations to break-down sewage waste and create an effective healthy septic system.

Muck Munchers Triple Action Bog Busters is an easy-to-use, high performance, septic shock treatment for septic systems that have become stagnant and inactive. The septic tank shock treatment products gives a massive boost to microbe populations to digest excessive sewage effluent, fats, oils and greases, eliminate unpleasant smells, reactivate the septic tank, and improve the performance of soakaways.

Specially selected bacteria in Bog Busters ensure that waste digestion continues in the soakaway, where black slimy biomass have built up and significantly reduced drain field performance.

Where there have been low levels of bacterial activity in the septic tank, effluent will have built up, forming a thick crust with high proportions of fats, oils and greases which form on the surface of the inlet chamber which can be seen from checking the tank. The best approach is to:

• First break-up the crust with a garden rake or similar
• Dilute the Oxy-Tonic in a watering can or bucket of water and pour in to the tank over the crust (best with a watering can)
• Leave for an hour and then dilute the Deep Clean Grease Digester in a watering can or bucket of water and pour in over the oxygenated biomass crust (again best with a watering can)
• Use the Bog Buster sachets as set out in the standard instructions.

Customers who experience problems with their secondary / final outlet tank chamber draining in to a drainfield outlet can expect more effective reactivation and improvement by treating as follows

Add the Oxy-Tonic and Grease Gobblers to the final outlet tank chamber, diluting as described in the general instructions.

Next, dissolve 2 of the Bog Buster sachets and pour in to the tank

Take the remaining Bog Buster sachet and flush it down a toilet

If you are using Muck Munchers XL as a follow-on monthly treatment, commence the treatment immediately by flushing the single Bio-Booster pack, received in the pack, down a toilet too.

When you start treating septic tank problems the secondary tank chamber should start to clear up. ‘Black-slimy’ anaerobic bacteria and grease in the drainfield, and, if you also have very boggy soil around the tank, should also be treated too.

The septic tank problems that you are experiencing not only result in the outflow drains become far less effective, but also, the surrounding soil particles have been coated with contaminants blocking the ability for free drainage into the surrounding area.

The recommended treatment programme is

Treat the Secondary Chamber as described in the section above

You will then need a pack of 1 litre Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator and Muck Munchers XL sachets

Dilute 50 ml Oxy-Tonic in a 10 litre watering can and water over the boggy area

Next, dissolve a Muck Munchers soluble sachet in the 10 litre watering can and water over the same area.

Now repeat again in the next day or two, and then with a single treatment weekly for the next 3 weeks.

How to Use

1. Pour the bottle of Muck Munchers Oxy-Tonic down a toilet or sink, followed by approx. 10 litres of water. This will start to aerate your septic system.

2. Flush the 3 Kick-Start Bog Buster soluble sachets down a toilet one by one. If you have several toilets you can flush the sachets down separate toilets, which will aid cleaning of inward drainage pipes.

3. Finally, by applying the Deep-Clean Grease Digester, diluted in 5 litres of barely lukewarm water, to shower, basin, sink or bath wastes the treatment will help digesting fatty waste in the in-flow drainage pipes on route to populate the septic tank.

NOTE – For regular cleaning of waste traps and drains through the house, to keep the blockage-free and clear of black-slime build-ups, take a look at Muck Munchers Digesta.

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4.7 / 5 rating from reviews.co.uk

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DIGESTA – Perfect for Homes on Mains Too

Digesta is the miracle product everyone needs – not just those on septic systems. I don’t know why you don’t market the Digesta to ‘normal’ households. It saves a lot of cleaning sink traps.

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

No Regrets Since Using Muck Munchers

We have used Muck Munchers from the very beginning of having an upgraded sceptic tank. Let’s put it this way – it may be something that we would regret using if we stopped buying it! It seems to be doing what it should at the moment!!!

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

Over £1,000 Saved on Septic Pump-Outs

Muck Munchers is an excellent product, so simple and easy. Our yearly bill was £120 ten years ago!  But we haven’t had to empty the tank since using MM and must have saved well over £1,000. 

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

Sorted my Shower Waste and my Saniflo

Every time we flushed the Saniflo, waste came up in the shower in my daughter’s bathroom. Following your advice, I put a Muck Munchers sachet in the Saniflo and left it overnight, and used Digesta in the shower and wash basin each day. In a few days all was flowing freely. The plumber had quoted £600 + VAT for a new Saniflo, so it was £43 well spent with you.

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

Working Brilliantly in Bio Klargester

We have been big fans for about 5 years and still don’t need our Klargester pumping out yet!

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

Muck Munchers Improve Klargester Performance

We had our annual service and inspection of our Klargester bio filter this morning. The engineer said he’s never seen it in such good condition and significantly less sludge than in previous years – we now have another 6 months before the disludge rather than as in previous years when we would need to organise it immediately after the January service. He’s a man who loves his job – he even said it smelt much better than most units. I wasn’t tempted to verify this!!

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

Septic Friendly Cleaning Products

Great products, thank you. My kitchen floor keeps so much cleaner with Eco Floor, my sink, shower and wash basins smell ok with Digesta and Eco Toilet works well, as do the Muck Munchers sachets. 

1 reviews2 reviews3 reviews4 reviews5 reviews

Great Product Great Value

So easy to use; so easy to store; works so well, there’s no point in looking for any other product. For a year’s supply, a very fair price.

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