Pet Safe Floor Cleaner – Dog Friendly Cleaning!

Tired of dirty floors? Are you looking for a pet safe floor cleaner to help you with the tedious task of dog friendly cleaning?

pet safe floor cleaner and dog

As a pet owner, you appreciate the mess your beloved fur baby can make, from wet muddy paw prints to hair collecting, and on sunny days, the sight of dust settling on your hard floors, whether tile, wood, laminate or vinyl. it doesn’t matter – it’s just mess, dirt and grime.

We are all busy people, and if you are like us, cleaning-up after a pet often seems like a thankless task. In this article, we’ll look at pet-safe floor cleaners:

  • What makes some floor cleaners ‘pet safe?’
  • What to look for before you buy
  • Tips for clean hard floors for dog and cat owners

3 Reasons Why You Need a Clean Floor if You Have a Pet

Unlike us, our pets cannot take off their shoes when they enter the house, so unfortunately, they bring all kinds of dirt and mess into the home.

The most important aspects of cleaning your floors are:

  1. Allergens – It is inevitable that your pets will carry and deposit allergens, which can range from pollen to dust mites and mould. Regular vacuuming or sweeping before mopping can significantly reduce allergens in your home.
  2. Pet Odours – We’d all like to think our pets do not smell, but even the most perfect pets do from time to time, and there’s nothing like the smell of “eau de wet dog’! You can neutralise any remaining odours by cleaning your floors regularly with a deodorising, pet safe floor cleaner.
  3. Stains – All dogs leave stains from shaking or toileting accidents, whether they are young or old. Choosing an effective, pet-friendly floor cleaner with solid reviews gives you peace of mind that you are buying an effective cleaner that will remove even the most stubborn stains.

The Best Pet Safe Floor Cleaners – What to Look For

Bacterial Enzyme Cleaners – Enzymatic pet safe floor cleaners break down dirt, dust, grease, stains and urine, speeding up the cleaning process whereby the bacteria producing them can then safely digest the smaller remaining organic molecules. Both the bacteria and the enzymes they produce are safe for pets and break down the organic contaminants found in stains and odours.

Ingredients – Be sure to read labels, and do not buy floor cleaners that contain ingredients that could harm your pets. Look for label statements such as ‘non-toxic,’ ‘pet safe’ and ‘organic’.

Products like Eco Floor from Muck Munchers is a pet safe floor cleaner that contains a highly effective but gentle detergent formulation which is also harmless to the consortium of waste-digesting probiotic bacteria it contains to provide continuing lcelanin at the end of the normal mopping process.

Microbial Technology – These applications use microbiological formulations based on naturally occurring probiotic bacteria. The beauty of such microorganisms is that they remain active between floor washes, constantly working to break down the proteins in pet stains and odours.

Ingredients to Look for in Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner

Cruelty-free – Look for “cruelty-free” on product labels to confirm that the product was not manufactured or developed using methods that involve animal cruelty.

Non-toxic –  Non-toxic products are not toxic, nor do they contain toxic substances. So, if your cat or dog walks across a wet floor and licks their paws clean later, you can be sure that they will not be harmed by the floor cleaner.

Natural Ingredients – Look for natural ingredients for a pet safe floor cleaner. If your natural floor cleaner contains the term ‘fragrance,” read the label more closely. fragrances” are often used to disguise chemical odours.

Efficacy Ratings and Reviews It’s very hard to judge the effectiveness of a pet safe floor cleaner if you have never used it, but one of the best ways is to read unsolicited reviews. Muck Munchers uses Trustpilot Trustpilot for its reviews, and you can read them all on our website when you visit Eco Floor.

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Eco Floor Reviews

“Just ordered more ECO FLOOR cleaner. Nothing took away the smell of the dogs. At least not until I used ECO FLOOR.”
Roger Millard

“My wife swears by this product. After cleaning the floor, which works brilliantly, the floor stays clean for a long time”.
John Clarke

“A good quality floor cleaner. It smells fresh and cleans most stains with little effort. I can throw the waste down the drain because it’s environmentally friendly”.
CollectPlus Customer

Why Are Eco-Friendly Floor cleaners Best for Pets?

Eco-friendly floor cleaners are best for pets because they’re non-toxic and don’t contain harmful chemicals that can harm your pets or cause irritation or allergic reactions. They’re also better for the environment.

How Can Floor Cleaners be Harmful to Pets?

Some floor cleaners can be harmful to your pets by causing irritants or allergic reactions, and some may even be life-threatening. It’s important to read your floor cleaner’s label to ensure that it is non-toxic, pet-friendly and doesn’t contain chemicals that may harm pets.

Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Floor Cleaners if You Have Pets

Ammonium hydroxide (ammonia)

Ammonia is often included in small amounts in common floor cleaners to break down dirt and grime, degrease and remove stains. Sounds good, but the problem comes when you have pets. Ammonia can cause eye and skin irritation and burn their noses, throats and stomachs if they lick it.

Bleach and Chlorine

Bleach is added to floor products to remove bacteria on the floor, and like ammonia, it can help sanitise surfaces. Many produce small amounts of noxious and potentially hazardous gases.

Bleach is often used for household cleaning but is really unpleasant for dogs and cats if it contains chlorine, which is toxic. It can damage your pets’ fur and be life-threatening if ingested. If you have a septic tank, it also weakens and destroys the healthy bacteria in the tank. Consider chlorine-free bleaches such as Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach.

Artificial fragrances

We all want a clean smelling home which is why fragrances are added to most cleaning products to do just that – improve the smell. Synthetic fragrances that are floral or woody are often used in floor cleaners.

Fragrances can also be used in floor cleaning solutions to mask unpleasant ingredients added to floor cleaners. Natural fragrances in floor cleaners made from “natural ingredients” such as herbs and some essential oils are fine for your pets. However, do read the labels – artificial fragrances added to floor cleaners can potentially cause respiratory problems, kidney problems and even seizures in some extreme cases.


Formaldehyde is often used in floor cleaners as an antibacterial agent. This is good for cleaning floors, but not for our furry friends. Formaldehyde is an irritant to pets, causing problems with the eyes and possibly the upper respiratory tract.

Tips for Clean Hard floors When You Have a Pet

Keep a good grooming schedule and brush your cats and dogs outside to minimise hair shedding indoors. Some dog breeds, such as golden retrievers, have double coats and tend to shed all-year-round, while others may not. Moulting is always worse in the autumn and spring.

  1. Wipe your dog’s paws after a walk to keep as much dirt and grime out as possible.
  2. Use a good pet safe floor cleaner with microbes.
  3. Vacuum regularly.
  4. Clean up any pup or senior dog accidents as soon as they happen.
  5. Keep your pet’s feeding area clean.
  6. Always measure the amount of floor cleaner needed and mix it with the correct ratio of water.
  7. Consider washing your floors and then walking your dog while your floors dry.
  8. Always use an environmentally friendly floor cleaner such as Muck Munchers Eco-Floor.