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What Customers Say About Muck Munchers

At Bio-Gard we take great pride in producing the UK’s market-leading biological septic tank treatment, so it’s a pleasure to receive unsolicited recommendations, re-assuring us that the products we sell really do live-up to, even exceed the promises we make for their performance.

Here is a selection of comments sent to us by customers over the last year or so.

five star review Great Value - Even in France
“We have had many problems in the past with our septic tank, too many to mention; smell was just one of them and normally at this time of year. We have been using your product since September and it has completely cured all our problems and it is half the price of the previous product, here in France. Thank you so much.”
David Topping 27/12/2016

five star review Great Product and Tank Not Emptied Yet
“I just wanted to thank you for your great product. Since using Muck Munchers XL our septic tank has not needed to be emptied for 12 months and is still ok (it used to be every 6). The smell around the drains has reduced considerably and on top of that the soakaway appears to me much more effective. Thank you for supplying a quality chemical free product that works.”
Anna Ruiz 2/12/2016

five star review Does What it Says on the Tin
“Your product up to now has lived up to all your claims and we have recommended it to a lot of our friends and neighbours. ”
Norman Venner 1/12/2016

five star review Product Quality
“Muck Munchers have worked well on our system I would recommend them as an excellent product. ”
Albert Evans 10/10/2016

five star review Fewer Pump-Outs
“Haven't had to clear ours for two years now thanks to you!! Like your funny mails too :) .Cheers!”
Karien Wolf 3/10/2016

five star review Smell-Free Cellar
“Since starting the Muck Munchers programme, our cellar, where one of the septic tanks is located, has stopped having a bad odour. I am so pleased that we can now use the cellar for storing wine and other good things! Thank-you, Muck Munchers!”
Penelope Allisy 1/10/2016

five star review Now We Can Party
“Muck munchers are great - the septic tank has not smelt all summer - even on the hottest days and when we have had a party and lots of people using the loo.”
Hazel Donavan 1/10/2016

five star review It’s Working
“Thank you for my reminder email - I do appreciate it. Everything is working well and I have recommended it to my friends. Keep up the good work.”
Barbara Whitton 1/10/2016

five star review Septic Skeptic Convert

“I was skeptical about muck munchers but your info on your website is so good and combined with your excellent reviews not just on your website but also on other forums made me bite the bullet and I'm so glad I did!

Within a week the water had gone down all by itself to just above the outlet

level! It has stayed at that level so I put my fortnightly treatment

(there's 6 of us!) in that chamber and result it now flows free!”

Michele Jurasinska 23/09/2016

five star review We’re Telling Our Friends

“We would like to thank you for your excellent products which we recommend to all our friends. We also love your monthly reminders as they are humorous and entertaining. Please keep up the good work.”

Margaret and Harry Teasdale 1/09/2016

five star review Goodbye Smelly Toilets

“It seems to be working already as the unpleasant smell I got from the toilet has gone!”

Barbara White 1/07/2016

five star review Does What It Says on the Tin

“Just to tell you I had my tank emptied today after 3yrs & was told that you can swim in it! Your treatment is doing what it says!”

Hassan Karmally 27/04/2016

five star review Effective in My Old Tank

“We started using your product as soon as we moved in last November into the existing Septic Tank (built in the 30's). We did not have it pumped out and everything is fine - we have experienced no problem at all.”

Norman Venner 21/03/2016

five star review Effective in My Old Tank Too

“I have used your product for a year now and I think it does a good job of reducing smells and improving my rather old septic tank.”

Andy McKenzie 21/03/2016

five star review Telling Friends the Good News

“I have emailed all 20 of my rural neighbours with septic tanks to tell them how good Muck Munchers are. I shall be reordering in a few months’ time. ”

Andrew Macdonald-Brown 1/03/2016

five star review Loyal Customer Praise

“We have been using your product for 2 years now and might say we are delighted with the results.”

Annette Rhodes 24/12/2015

five star review New Customer Delighted Too

“Hi - Have been using Muck Munchers for 6 months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. No more nasty smells from the septic tank.”

William D Scott 18/12/2015

five star review Ernie Tells Pete All

“Pete, here is the sceptic tank product we use that I told you about. We find it works great and saves a fortune on emptying fees.”

Ernie Ford 31/10/2015

five star review Thanks for Trying Hard

“Is this the best customer service in the world or what, I can't thank you enough and am spreading the word around our village about the quality of service from MM.”

Keith Allan 4/11/2015

five star review Saving Money on Septic Pump-Outs

“I am seriously impressed with this excellent product! The motor failed on our bio-disc septic tank a few months ago and it smelled vile, but within a week of adding Muck Munchers there was no smell at all.

It is now 12 months after our last pump-out and I expected that the tank would be brimming with solids as usual, but there just aren't any. All I can see is fairly clean-looking water and a little bit of scum on the surface.

This has saved us about £100 in the first year which is a cracking result all round. All my neighbours have septic tanks, so I am spreading the word!”

Wayne Oldham 31/10/2016

five star review No Wonder We Give a 100% Guarantee

“Having just reached the end of my first year’s supply of Muck Munchers I thought that I should check my septic tank to see if it was working as promised.

Normally, lifting the lid one is greeted by a foul smell and the site of fats and other solids. On this occasion a slight smell and a view of black water - no solids. Very impressive!”

Richard Dewick 7/10/2015

five star review Happy Customers Love Monthly Emails

“We moved from our cottage a couple of weeks ago. Now have mains drainage, so no longer need muck-munchers. Which means I shall miss your monthly e-mails which always brought a smile!

Many thanks for an excellent product, just wish we had known about it years before. Life was so much easier when we started to use it; less build up in pipe work and the info you gave out helped to get us into good septic tank management.

Have recommended Muck-munchers to everyone we know with septic tank drainage, it is so beneficial.”

Ian and Heather Jones 5/10/2016

five star review Need One Say More

“Muck munchers are working fabulously. Thank you.”

Connie Brewer 14/09/2016

five star review Started Quicker Than We Promise

“Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a powerful tool against awful smelling septic tanks! In just a couple of days of using the starter pack & 1st treatment we noticed the smell’s gone, completely!

Mentioned the offer to our neighbours who also ordered & when I last spoke with them they said they were very pleased with your product as well.

How lovely it is to find a company who provides something that actually works as they claim! Thank you!”

Kim Simpson 5/09/2016

five star review Waited a Decade to Discover Muck Munchers

“I am impressed with the product. This is the first time in 23 years that my ancient septic tank has not become blocked and has worked all year. Really pleased with the performance of Muck Munchers.”

Richard Bruce 1/09/2015

five star review Our Fun Monthly Reminders Well Received

“Really appreciate your reminders, not what I had expected. All is going well and seems to be making the old tank happy. Thanks.”

Pete Friston 2/09/2015

five star review Saving Money, Saving Heartache

“I am very pleased with Muck Munchers; it has saved me from having a twice yearly pump out. At first I was hesitant in purchasing it after reading the advert in a National newspaper thinking it would be another money wasting gimmick, but I'm glad I did. I have gone a year without the system backing up because it needed emptying. Also no smells in the back garden. Well done Muck Munchers - would certainly recommend this product.”

Jean Mitchell 1/09/2015

Our Product Range

Muck Munchers XL 12 Month Pack
The ultimate non-toxic, natural biological septic tank cleaner providing effective treatment.

Kick Start Bio-Booster
A specially formulated microbe treatment that re-energises and re-invigorates septic tanks and drain-fields

Mega Munchers 12 Month Pack
Mega Munchers is an easy-to-use, flushable soluble sachet treatment, designed especially for larger septic tank systems.

Deep Clean Re-Activator
An intensive high performance microbe treatment that activates, energises and invigorates stagnant and failing septic tanks.

Deep Clean Bio Grease Digester
A highly effective and intensive microbe treatment to biologically digest and eliminate excessive grease and fat build-ups in septic tanks

Oxy-Tonic Bio-Accelerator
Muck Munchers Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator quite simply helps friendly bacteria to break-down and digest waste.

Oxy-Gen Bleach triple Pack
Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach is specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks.