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Deep Clean Grease Digester
Clears Greased Up Septic Tanks and Drains Fast
PLUS FREE Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator Normally £8.95

How to Use
1. Pour the bottle of Muck Munchers Oxy-Tonic down a toilet or sink, followed by approx. 10 litres of water. This will start to aerate your septic system.
2. At bedtime, when the kitchen sink (or sink, basin, shower or bath outlet where most fats and greases discharged) will no longer be used overnight or for 8 hours, pour contents of the Muck Munchers Deep Clean Bio Degreaser bottle down the waste. Rinse away with a cup full of warm water to flush in to the waste pipe.
3. NOTE – If you have a grease problem in your sink waste, then use only 50ml (1/5th of the bottle) and treat the outlet every night for 5 nights, flushing a cup of warm water down after each application.
4. To maintain a healthy system use a monthly Muck Munchers XL treatment programme. This will both optimise digestion of sewage, and, fats and greases all-year-round.

A highly effective and intensive microbe treatment to biologically digest and eliminate excessive grease and fat build-ups in septic tanks and out-flow pipes to drain-fields and soakaways, improving tank activity and drain flows.

Muck Munchers Deep Clean Bio Degreaser has been formulated with a special mix of bacteria, enzymes and nutrients that are particularly effective in digesting fats and greases. When introduced into drains and septic systems, the Bio Degreaser quickly converts both fats and greases into carbon dioxide and water, allowing the drains to become free flowing.

Often, excessive fats and greases in poorly performing systems can block the outflow pipes and drain-fields resulting in back-up blockages, over-flows or soggy surrounding soil. Bio Degreaser can clear poorly flowing sinks, baths and shower drains, cut-through high levels of tank greases and help clear poorly performing drain-field pipe-work.

PLUS – to ensure the best possible chances of success, your Deep Clean Bio Degreaser comes with a FREE 250ml bottle of Muck Munchers Oxy-Tonic Microbe Stimulant – an aerobic performance enhancer, which can increase waste digestion by 7 to 10 times.

Real Benefits for You

Muck Muncher Quick, Simple and Safe – Uses Natural Microbes and Enzymes
Muck Muncher Special Formulated for Digesting Fats and Greases – Reduces Drain Blockages
Muck Muncher Significantly Reduces Need for Routine Tank Emptying – Saving You Money
Muck Muncher High Aerobic Bacterial Activity – Eliminates Unpleasant Smells
Muck Muncher FREE Oxy-Tonic Bio Accelerator – Makes Grease and Fats Digestion 7-10 Times Faster


Our Product Range

Muck Munchers XL 12 Month Pack
The Market Leading Septic Tank Treatment
Muck Munchers XL The ultimate natural biological septic tank waste digestion treatment, saving £’000’s on pump-outs

Muck Munchers Digesta
Instantly Increases Aerobic Microbial Activity
Muck-Munchers Digesta Keeps Sink and Bath Wastes Clean and Blockage Free.

BioGen Eco Toilet Triple Pack
The ultimate ZERO Chlorine Power Cleaner
Oxy-Gen Bleach Triple Pack Specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks with zero environmental impact.

Oxy-Gen Eco Bleach Triple Pack
The Eco-Friendly Chlorine Bleach Alternative
Oxy-Gen Bleach Triple Pack Specially formulated for use in homes with septic tanks with zero environmental impact.

Triple Action Bog Busters
Intensive Treatment for Problem Systems
Bog Busters High performance treatment to reinvigorate stagnant septic tanks and slow draining soakaways.

Kick-Start Bio-Booster
Post Pump-Out and Starter Treatment
Kick Start Bio-Booster A specially formulated microbe treatment that energises and invigorates septic tanks and drainfields.

Mega Munchers 12 Month Pack
Scalable Larger System Treatment Programme
Mega Munchers Flushable sachet treatments, for rural leisure complexes, pubs and hotels, camping and caravan parks.

Oxy-Tonic Biomass Accelerator
Instantly Increases Aerobic Microbial Activity
Oxy-Tonic Bio-Accelerator Guaranteed to convert smelly anaerobic tanks in to healthy aerobic septic systems.

Bio-Gen Eco Floor
The Ultimate Biological Floor Cleaner
Bio-Gen Eco Floor Cleaner Keeps on cleaning after use, day after day - ensuring floors stay cleaner for longer.